Installment loans without BIK – what is worth knowing about them?

Many people associate non-bank loans with small amounts and paying them back in one installment. This is a big obstacle for many people who would gladly take non-bank loans, but having to repay them within 30 days is repulsive. Are there other, more attractive offers on the market?

Do installment loans without BIK exist?

Do installment loans without BIK exist?

At the beginning you need to consider whether there are companies that provide such loans. And here the information is very good – on the market you will find various companies offering this type of loan.

It is also worth noting that companies providing loans without BIK can check the debtors’ base, but they do not have to. The process of taking installment loans without BIK is the same as the process of taking all other loans without BIK. Usually you set the loan amount and the loan period yourself. Then you complete a simple application.

The lender may ask for additional information, indicate a borrower’s loan, and may even require insurance of borrowed cash. This is all to safeguard the company’s interests and ensure that you pay off your debts.

How do lenders who grant loans without BIK check their clients?

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Many people wonder how lenders verify their clients without checking the BIK databases. Some people are worried that having someone’s data can take credit for that person. It is not that simple. First of all, companies check the identity of the person they grant loans to. For this purpose, a PLN transfer to the lender’s account is usually required. With a simple transaction, you can easily make sure that the indicated account definitely belongs to the borrower and that he borrows himself.

Contact by phone or courier is another way. Contact is chosen more often by phone call due to its speed – such verification can take place in a few minutes. However, modern technologies and the use of applications such as Instantor are increasingly entering the game. The customer logs in to such an application using the data used when logging into the bank account. In this way, the identity of the account owner is verified and the account history is analyzed. In this way, lenders can easily assess a person’s creditworthiness. It is worth noting that the data in such applications are encrypted and are not saved anywhere.

Why is the loan application being rejected?

Why is the loan application being rejected?

The first serious reason are various types of errors in the completed application. Therefore, before sending a loan application, first of all, carefully look at whether you are sure to fill in all the fields well.

The second element on which the chance of a positive consideration of the application is missed is identity verification. Most often it is done by making a small transfer, but sometimes phone verification is also carried out. If the lender contacts you and you do not answer the call, your application will be rejected.

The last point is unfavorable creditworthiness. If the lender thinks that you can not cope with the repayment of obligations, he will reject your application for your own sake. How not to reach the BIK databases?

It is true that in this article we have proved that you can even take an installment loan without BIK, but the presence in these databases can also make it difficult to take such obligations. In addition, it is simply better to have access to offers of entities that use such databases. Avoiding getting to the BIK is very easy, just do it:

– Repay all financial obligations over time.

– If you cannot repay your debt, you should contact the lender as soon as possible.

It is also worth remembering that even if you are in BIK databases, it does not exclude you from the possibility of getting a loan from companies that check such databases. If your income is at the right level, then even on such bases, you can get a loan.